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My course is a 4 eBook series. It is very important that you read the course in its right order and follow my detailed instructions. This way you are guaranteed to maximize yours and your partners’ pleasure in no time. It’s time to take action and let love lift you up where you belong!

• 1st eBook: Sexual intimacy – thinking that sex is merely a physical activity, is a common mistake. Let me help you address the inner issues of intimacy you and your partner are experiencing, and actually SOLVE the problem (instead of acting as if it is solved…)
• 2nd eBook: Blow Your Lover’s Mind – After resolving our inner issues, there’s no other way but to address the physical issues… There are some ground rules to great sex that are not too commonly spread… Learn all about it in the second eBook to the series!
• 3rd eBook: Wonders of Technology- Even after reinventing our sexual intimacy, and after finding the hottest spots of the human body, we have to admit that people are not machines and that there are occasions in which technology is an awesome solution! Have no fear of sex toys; let them help you reach new highs! But not all are recommended, read this to discover which ones are…
• 4th eBook: The Erotic Olympus – Here you will learn how to make sex and sexuality into the living heart of your relationship! How to put excuses and other distracting features aside and concentrate on what is really and truly the most important thing- love! In this eBook you will be sked to put everything you and your partner have learned through a kinky role playing session… Why role playing? Read this and find the answer…

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Our life is all about sex, sex, sex, and then some more (even if we are not completely aware of it)… I have spent years and years researching the deepest secrets to human sexuality and I know that at this point I m ready to share it with you. This course is NOT another one of the “How To” eBooks available on line today, not at all. In this course, you have a personal mentor, myself, and I will be there at each and every point to help, support and answer any question you may have! Here, you will receive true value for your money.

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Most people never come across the thought that sex and sexuality are an actual and significant part of who we are. Our sexuality affects each and every part of our lives, starting with the second we wake up in the morning and continuing up to the moment we go back to sleep at night.

During the preparation of this course I have asked a few people to give me feedback on my work. These are small collection of the testimonials I received. They Include testimonials from total strangers who have only read 1 of my eBooks, enthusiastic emails I’ve received from online patients and personal recommendations from local patients. I would like to stress out that these testimonials were completely voluntary! This is what they say:

Jordan, Indonesia TESTIMONIAL #1…

“it was a great e-book, somehow it’s 6.45pm here in Indonesia, and i will continue to read it at my house!…
I already saw your site the “kinky” and I just love to hear another good thing from you

- Jordan
Graphic Designer

Jane Willis, New York, TESTIMONIAL #2…

After 30 years of marriage, keeping the lust going was nearly impossible for me and my husband. And boy – what didn’t we try? Sex tapes, sex toys, sex books, we went to several sex experts that promised us the world – but nothing came out of it. Until last year, a good friend of mine brought up the name: Victoria shine. I have to admit I was skeptic at first, after going to so many experts, and talking about this was not easy for me! Victoria changed our lives, she was empathic, sweet and direct, and now – I couldn’t be happier. I have been recommending her to anyone I possibly can – because I believe I must spread the gift of love she gave me, love so divine, even after 30 years of marriage. Take it from me – every word from her is worth every penny. Victoria is truly a remarkable person and I owe my marriage to her.
- Jane Willis

John Los Angeles, TESTIMONIAL #3…

“wowwww that was really good… uve got a talent. i really liked how u talked about watching and listening to what she does/likes. it makes sense. wowww that is crazy… i liked the part about losing your inhibitions… but that needs to go for girls as well lol i do have one question tho… do most girls cum/squirt easier from sex or from touching/licking??? it was really good tho. i love this stuff. have a good day. and ill be happy to help u in the future :)”

- John
Sales Manager


“Sorry it took so long, we just got back from a small vacation where myself and wife actually read it together and surprisingly my wife wanted to try some of your techniques.. lol I am a bit inhibited (right word?) So it took a little coaxing… We thought it was well put together, easy to read and understand. Not as long as I thought it would be, but nonetheless you did a very good job. Have fun and keep up the good work.

- Wes & Wife

Joey Tallahassee, FL, TESTIMONIAL #5…

“When i first was asked to read the 5 steps ebook i was a little skeptical. But once i read the first few sentences i was hooked. The signs on how to spot a REAL orgasm were great and are easy to spot, just needed to know how to look which you showed clearly. I love the motto wetter is better and will now model my sex game after it
Thanks Victoria!

- Joey

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“Stop wasting your time & money on useless solutions! Discover proven to work ideas, techniques & methods that have helped dozens of couples worldwide!”

I will lead the way towards your discovering of your lover’s soft spots, hard spots, G-Spots, P-Spots and yea- all the RIGHT spots… Together we will make your lovers want nothing but sex, all day and all night… Forget about the TV (you can even sell it and spend that money on more productive devices, we’ll talk about those later on…), forget headaches and forget the “Not tonight, honey” saying. .

These guides will point you to the spots and places no human body can refuse… No matter how deeply your lovers believe they cannot cum, we will just have to prove them wrong! This eBook will provide you with a very much secret glance into the not-so-talked matters… We will learn how to differentiate a real orgasm from a fake one, discuss the importance of foreplay, the Doe’s and Don’ts of the opposite sexes, but mostly- we will discuss the Doe’s!

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Free bonus #1: Joe Long’s – Extreme Sex For Beginners eBook

“Discover Great Practical Tips that will help you out in your journey towards true kinky sex. Joe covers lots of great info about Bondage & Rough Sex in this Ebook!
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This is truly a masterpiece.
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Free bonus #4: The “How To” Eat Pussy (*Right) Manual

I could not have summed this up better myself!
this is a terrific manual that just gives you all the right tips on giving oral pleasure to your special lady…
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Free bonus #5: Joe Long’s Guide to Kink.com

If you have been looking for a real kinky member site this is the manual for you!
Joe Long has summed up the premier sites that Kink.Com offer…
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Free bonus #6: The Top 100 Sex Secret

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